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Debt Collection

Recovery Associates, Inc. has been in the debt collections business since 1980. One of the longest tenured debt collection agencies located in Mineola (Nassau County), NY, the agency’s experienced professionals have accounted for millions of dollars in collections for clients just like you.

We are dedicated to personal service and supported by state of the art technology to locate and handle the most stubborn challenges throughout Mineola and New York.

If there were one word that typifies our operating philosophy, it be SERVICE. Service in the old fashioned means that we recognize YOU are the boss, you pay our bills and you provide our profits. We are here to service YOUR NEEDS, not ours. In addition we recognize that until and unless we make money for you, we have not done our job and we cannot make money for ourselves. Too often, businesses in our industry forget that service is their product. At Recovery Associates, we always remember.

In addition to providing debt collection services for numerous industries, we offer skip tracing services to locate consumers when they can no longer be reached at the address or telephone numbers listed on their accounts. We also work with other agencies to find out if a consumer has relocated.

Debt Collections Specialists

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